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Every year thousands of workers get killed or injured while performing repairs or maintenance on industrial equipment or machinery. Many of these accidents are caused by the uncontrolled release of energy. Our lockout/tagout products and services, offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. Lockout Tagout Safety services help companies with limited resources quickly get their program up to speed, ensuring that lockout activities are implemented in a way that promotes optimum safety while maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

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Mechanical Valve Safety

Employee welfare within a manufacturing or engineering environment is a primary concern for employers. All workers should expect to be able to carry out their work in a safe manner that has no negative effect on their health and wellbeing. Many organisations even believe that their working environment should be superior to others, making it a competitive aspect when recruiting staff. Health and safety in the workplace is about measures designed to ensure the health and safety of employees, visitors, the general public and the environment, who can be affected by workplace activities. Health and safety is controlled largely by legislation and regulations and the law is continually being revised and updated. It is important that organisations are aware of these changes and keep up to date with developments. Lockout Tagout is a safe way of ensuring employee safety when working on isolated machinery, and ensuring organisations can follow legislation.

Gate Valve Lockout
KLICKER-MF High Security cable Seals


  • Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout
  • Locks out different-sized valve handles
  • Versatile lockout adjusts to fit 25.4mm to 165mm valve handles
  • Manufactured from durable red polypropylene which is non-conductive
  • Resistant to solvents, chemicals and cracks
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -45ºC to +182ºC


Butterfly Valve Lockout

3.5mm Midi Cable Lock Seal (Car Seal) Pack 10


  • Use the universal butterfly valve lockout for locking off butterfly valves.
  • The clamp attaches to the butterfly lever, preventing the trigger handle from being squeezed. The valve can not be re positioned.
  • Available in Large and Small
Container Bolt Lock


  • Butterfly Valve Lockouts
  • Efficiently secures your butterfly valve
  • Made of strong, non-conductive polypropylene plastic
  • Highly resistant to solvents, chemicals, cracking and abrasion
  • Resists extreme temperatures ranging from -46ºC to +183ºC
  • Available in 4 highly visible colours: red, yellow, green and blue
  • Measurements: 305mm x 70mm x 102mm x 9.5mm

DOMINOSP-MF Indicative Seals


  • Available in various sizes
  • Outward/inward rotation allows for easier installation and storage
  • Surrounds the valve operating handle to protect against accidental valve opening
  • Unique patent-pending rotating design allows for easier installation in confined space applications
  • Each size rotates into itself and nests into the next larger size to save space in safety tool boxes
  • Complete with high-visibility permanent safety labels (English, French & Spanish) that can be written-on to identify the responsible person, then erased for the next job
  • Perform effectively in extreme conditions (temperature range: -50°F (-46°C) to 350°F (177°C)


Ball Valve Lockout

DRAGONWP-MF Indicative Seals


  • Available in Large and Small
  • Accommodates a second lockout arm (APL-MVL-UBVL3 & APL-MVL-UBVL4) to lock handles in throttled position and to lock out 3, 4, and 5-way valves
  • Ideal for pipes that need to stay permanently open
  • Strong, lightweight and resistant to most chemicals
  • Made from durable super-tough nylon and stainless steel materials
FASTSEAL-MF Indicative Seals


  • 065402-BR Universal Ball Valve Lockoutl Blocking Arm
  • Description: Additional Arm Valve Handle
  • Available in Large and Small
Pneumatic Lockout
FLEETLOCK-MF Indicative Seals


  • Isolates pneumatic energy without the expense and inconvenience of installing in-line lockout valves
  • Device is applied to the male fitting, isolating equipment from all compressed air sources
  • Accomodates the majority of 6mm, 9mm and 12mm male fittings 
  • Hole in centre of device allows for permanent storage on air hose and a loop on the side can be used to hang the hose and lockout device.
  • Max shackle dia. 6.5mm
  • Min shackle shackle clearance 20mm

S3900-ML Pneumatic Lockout-All Purpose

FORTBAGSEAL-MF Indicative Seals


  • Prevents pneumatic fitting from being connected to pressurised air source
  • Fits virtually all male pneumatic fittings found in manufacturing facilities
  • Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • Measures 3.5 cm wide x 19.7 cm tall x 0.3cm think
  • Accepts all types of Safety Padlocks
  • Works with Lockout Hasps for multiple worker lockout


Mechanical Lockout Equipment

Mini Padlock Cable Seals

Lockout Station Unfilled or Fully Loaded:- 

  • Lockout Station with Cover
  • Integrated, one-piece moulded construction eliminates loose parts
  • Resiliant polycarbonate material provides twice the heat resistance and quadruple the impact strength of typical stations
  • Secure with combination lock for simple access control
  • Innovative hinge holds cover open for easy product selection
  • Choose Safety Padlocks from LOTO-410-ML ; LOTO-1106-ML ; LOTO-3-ML
  • Plus FOC Safety Lockout Padlock Key Charting System is available to you. Protecting your investment and ensures untrusted users cannot duplicate keys through Safety protocol.
  • Fully Loaded Version Contains:
  • 6 x 410RED-ML Padlocks
  • 1 x Hasp
  • 1 x 427 Snap-on Hasp
  • 1 x 480-ML, 481-ML & 482-ML Gate Valve Lockouts
  • 1 x 468L-ML Ball Valve Lockout
  • 4 x 493B-ML Circuit Breaker Lockout
  • 2 x 496B-ML Wall Switch Covers
  • 2 packs of 12 Tags
  • Padlocks Are  Keyed different
MINISEAL-MF Indicative Seals

This Personal LockoutKit includes:

  • Safety Lockout carrying case keeping important lockout devices and padlocks together
  • Kit include high performance components satisfying most electrical Lockout applications
  • This personal kit is ideal for the individual worker
  • Padlocks are supplied keyed-alike for added convenience
  • You can select your padlock type from: Zenex 410 Red, A1106ML Red Aluminium or 500BRK Steel
  • 3 x Padlocks
  • 1 x Hasp (LOTO-420-ML)
  • 1 x Snap on Hasp (LOTO-427-ML)
  • 1 x Adjustable Cable Lockout (LOTO-8611-ML)
  • 1 x Rotating Gate Valve Lockout Fits Valve Dia 2.71 - 8.12cm (LOTO-480-ML)
  • 1 x Rotating Gate Valve Lockout Fits Valve Dia 5.41 - 13.54cm (LOTO-481-ML)
  • 1 x Rotating Gate Valve Lockout Fits Valve Dia 10.83 - 17.60cm (LOTO-482-ML)
  • 2 x Ball Valve Covers (LOTO-468L-ML)
  • 1 x Safety Tags (Pack of 12) - (LOTO-497A-ML)
MINISEAL-MF Indicative Seals
  • Helps you comply with company lockout procedures and health and safety regulations
  • Contains various lockout devices, padlocks and tags all supplied in a convenient satchel bag to prevent lost or mislaid items
  • Kit contains:
  • 1 x Large universal valve lockout base clamping unit
  • 1 x Large blocking arm
  • 1 x Cable attachment
  • 1 x Adjustable gate valve device
  • 1 x APCLO with sheathed metal cable
  • 6 x Padlocks
  • 12 x 25mm red safety lockout hasps
  • 10 x 'Do not operate' tags with ties
  • 1 x Red storage satchel
MINISEAL-MF Indicative Seals
  • 1 x Adjustable gate valve device
  • 1 x APCL with sheathed metal cable
  • 2 x Padlocks
  • 2 x 25mm red safety lockout hasps
  • 1 x Small universal valve lockout base clamping unit
  • 1 x Small blocking arm
  • 10 x 'Do not Operate' tags with ties
  • 1 x Pen
  • 1 x Large red storage pouch
MINISEAL-MF Indicative Seals


  • 1 x 25-64mm red gate valve lockout
  • 1 x 64-127mm red gate valve lockout
  • 1 x 127-165mm red gate valve lockout
  • 1 x 165-254mm red gate valve lockout
  • 1 x 254-320mm red gate valve lockout
  • 6 x Padlocks
  • 10 x Do not Operate' tags with ties
  • 1 x Red storage satchel
MINISEAL-MF Indicative Seals
  • Lightweight safety lockout Carrying case, 381 (L)  x 241 (H) x 178 (W) mm. Includes modular translucent storage compartments for improved organisation and fast component selection. 
  • Seperate compartments for effective grouping of (1) Padlocks & hasps (2) Valve Lockout & (3) electrical lockout components.
  • This Group kit is for multiple workers; padlocks are supplied keyed-different to ensure no employee can open a colleague's padlock. 
  • FREE Padlock Key Charting System is available to ensure you , the authorised signatory,  keeps control of any key duplication. 
    • 6 x 410RED-ML Safety Padlocks Keyed To Differ
    • 1 x 420-ML Hasp
    • 1 x 427-ML Snap-On-Hasp
    • 1 x 8611-ML Adjustable Cable Lockout
    • 1 x 480-ML; 1 x 481-ML; 1 x 482-ML; 1 x 483-ML Gate Covers
    • 2 x 468L Ball Valve Covers
    • 2 packs of 12 x 497a-ML "Do Not Operate" Tags (Heavy Duty Quality)
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